Triathlon Rules You Might Not Know

*Important Rules concerning Triathlon:

There are some very important triathlon rules that some people may not even be aware of. When it comes to a triathlon, the rules are normally strictly enforced with very few exceptions. Race officials can be very strict about certain rules and regulations.

First, race officials are very strict concerning drafting penalties. All issues concerning drafting can be found in the triathlon handbook. many times beginners are totally unaware of any issues involving drafting policies and procedure.

All equipment must be neatly stored within a transition area. All bikes must be placed appropriately in the bike rack. It is important that you do not in any way interfere with another competitors equipment or their ability to participate in the impending race. Strict penalties are handed down for violation of transition policies.

Helmets must be worn at all times. The helmet rule is designed for each participants safety. If a participant fails to wear a protective helmet then they are excluded from participation in the race. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. If you so much as remove your helmet for a split second then you are disqualified.

Absolutely no drafting permitted once the race begins. Rules state that you must travel at least three bike lengths behind the person in front of you during the race. The only exception to this rule is if you are passing the person in front. This is another rule that can get a person disqualified if it is not properly followed.

Accepting help or assistance from another participant is prohibited. If you encounter a problem once the race begins, you are not permitted to stop and help anyone else. The only exception to this rule is if another party is seriously injured.

Certain standards of behavior and etiquette are expected of others. Proper behavior is expected of all race participants. No foul language, abuse or bad behavior will be tolerated under any conditions. Failure to comply with this rule can mean immediate removal from a race and possibly future races. It is important to be respectful of others at all times.

Headphones are not allowed to be worn once the actual race begins. Anyone wearing headphone when the start of the race is called will be reprimanded. A time penalty will be enforced against any one violating this rule.

*Making Yourself aware of Rules in Advance of any Race:

Participating in a triathlon can be an exciting and very rewarding experience. However, you must remember that certain rules and regulations are enforced. Each person is expected to follow all rules and regulations as set forth. Rules and regulations are enforced for the protection and safety of each participant.

It is important that all rules and regulations connected with a triathlon are followed as closely as possible. Many times newcomers are unaware of certain rules and regulations. Therefore, it may be helpful to check out all rules and regulations well in advance of an up and coming triathlon race.

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