Training For A Triathlon

Every year thousands of men and women sign up to participate in a triathlon. It is believed that the first triathlon was played back in the 1920’s and since then hundreds of thousands of people have participated in the multi-stage competition. A triathlon typically involves the completion of three different sports or courses. Although there are a few variations most basic triathlons involve swimming, cycling, and running. Below is a little more information about each different leg of the triathlon as well as some great tips and tricks for training for a triathlon.


While each different triathlon has their own rules and regulations many follow a basic guideline. Running is one of the biggest parts of a triathlon. Not only is it often the most tiring part but it is often saved as the last leg of the race which means muscles are already sore and tired. Due to all of this, it is incredibly important to train correctly for the running part. Below are some tips for training for the running part of a triathlon.

– begin training many weeks before the triathlon is coming up. Typically athletes and non-athletes train for at least 12 weeks prior to a triathlon.

– start out small if you are not used to running or working out. Simple 20 or 30 minute walks a day is a great way to get your muscles moving without overdoing it.

– gradually increase your pace and the amount of time you are walking every day. You eventually want to be able to run the full length that you will need to run in the triathlon.

– always stretch before running as well as after running. It is the best way to keep your muscles relaxed and to avoid injury.

– after practicing running for a few short weeks begin including other workouts as well to build endurance.

– always stay hydrated.


Although many triathletes may feel as though swimming is the easiest of the three courses it is still very tough on your legs and other muscles. Some may even say it is the toughest part of a triathlon. Depending on how long the distance and courses are for a triathlon athletes may need to swim up to two miles. This can be incredibly tiring on the body. Below are a few tips to help build your endurance for swimming.

– practice in the right kind of water. If the triathlon is taking place in a lake it is important to train in a lake. Training in the kind of terrain you will be racing in will help you maintain your endurance.

– make sure to keep hydrated. Even though you are in the water and your body is already moisturized and hydrated it is important to continue fueling your insides with water.

– begin slowly with just a few laps a day until your body gets used to the swimming. Every day add an extra lap or two until you are finally up to the time that the triathlon will be.

– try adding wrist or ankle weights while swimming. This can help build muscle and may even make you faster once you take the weights off.

– use a kickboard to help you practice while swimming. A kickboard can help you build arm and leg strength and can also improve your stroke.

– train muscles such as the legs and arms which are often the most used muscles while swimming.

– practice doing sprints. This will help steady and control your breathing and can also help you build stamina.


Each different Triathlon has their own set standards for what is allowed during racing as well as how long the race will be. Typically the cycling part of a triathlon is around 20 to 25 miles. This can be a lot especially for those who are not used to working out and biking. There are many ways to help you build your endurance for cycling. Below are just a few simple ways.

– like any other sport or exercise start out slowly and gradually increase the length and time of your workout.

– start out with a small bike ride such as going around the block once or twice. Every day add a little bit of distance or time to your bike workout until you are able to complete what a full Triathlon would require.

– drink plenty of water before during and after your bike ride. It is the best way to keep hydrated as well as keep your energy levels up.

– always give leg muscles a chance to relax in between workouts. Although working out every day seems like the best idea it can often put a lot of stress on the muscles. Aim for working out at least a few days a week with a rest day every so often.

– snack on something. One of the best ways to fuel your body while cycling is to eat a few pieces of energizing food. Foods such as energy bars, almonds, and even bananas can help you keep your energy and stamina while cycling.

Although there are many different ways to train for a triathlon these are just a few tips and tricks to help get you started. Always keep in mind it is important to start out slowly and gradually increase your workouts for more stamina and better performance.

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