Most Overpaid Players in the NBA

NBA is a sporting activity that captivates masses around the States and even the world over. Fans all over would always register their dissatisfaction in as far as player concentration and efficiency doesn’t equal the amount of money paid. Many players come with lump sum deals and contrary to the expectations of fans; they perform dismally. This season has been full of such players and, this article is here to pin down the players that earn excessively as compared to the output they produce in the court. The following are the top four overpaid players in NBA:

1. Enes Kanter
Ernes Kanter is one player considered to top the list of the most overrated players in the NBA. Born in May 1992 in Turkey, Enes Kanter joined Oklahoma City in 2014-2015 season in a lucrative deal. Kanter was an outstanding performer back in the days. The statistics behind his first season in Oklahoma is  enough testimony. He started in 26 regular season games and, managed an average of 18 points and general 11 rebounds, something quite magnificent for such a young player. Kanter’s deal was announced to cost $70.1 million, but to the dismay of the fans and the club in general, Kanter didn’t perform to the expected standards in the consecutive seasons. What remained of the most dangerous NBA player in the 2015-2016 season is Kanter who just plays for 18 minutes a night and talk trash about other superstars like Durant.

2. Bradley Beal
Bradley is yet another NBA player considered most paid for absolutely no fascinating output.
Born in June 1993 in America, he joined the Washington Wizards for a lucrative deal worth $127 million. Considering his shooting ability and consistency in the game back at the beginning of 2015 2016 season, Bradley was just worth the cost, but to the utter disbelief of the fans at large, Beal’s scintillating form took a head-long dive. Most people would blame his deteriorating form on an injury that had kept lingering upon him for long, but lowness in form has since taken too long to rise back. He has downgraded to a mediocre who just manages a mere 36 percent of his shots, way below a $127-million player.

3. Joakim Noah
Playing for New York Knicks, Joakim has seen his multi-million worth degrade with the passing of time. In the 2015-2016 season, Joakim was just one of the most feared defenders NBA has ever seen, but this season, his performance has left the fans doubting whether it is the real Joakim their club bought. Currently, he merely plays for 23 minutes per night and manages just 4.3 points in one game. Unlike in the prior seasons, he just hits a mere 40% of his shots nowadays. These statistics bring about just sheer disappointments on the faces of fans the world over as they cling to the hopes that finally, they may see the real Joakim Noah they knew.

4. Evan Turner
He is another NBA player who has just never lived up to the expectations of the fans the world over. His form keeps degrading by the day, and it leaves the club yearning for the resurrection of his form once more. He signed a $70 million with Portland Trail Blazers and, the worth of that money has not been justified by his display on the court yet. Despite the fact that he has played all the games this season, it doesn’t translate to the fact that he has performed. He manages just 6 points in the 23 minutes he plays in one night. Despite his somehow good free throws, Turner still has something to prove to his fans.

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